“I’m just a freshman, my story is not even done yet”


“When I was home, I was only out to a few people…so I never really got to hear my pronouns. But being here, and hearing them all the time is awesome. It’s like a miniature birthday!

“If I ever ask a professor to use my pronouns they go with it. Especially with the honors college- our professor gave us all name tags and we all put our pronouns on them. I think that was genius because it can keep people from embarrassing situations. I know a lot of other people in Human Event classes wish that the professor would do that too…. It would be easier if we were more open about pronouns and identities, because when professors don’t ask, some people would be too nervous to bring it up themselves. It’s the idea that you can be out in class if you want to- that it is safe.

“For me being here is a safe haven. It is so nice to have to place where you can just be out with a lot of supportive people all over. It’s cool to represent because our visibility is that we are part of the diversity at ASU. I never met anyone like me until I came to ASU. It was really cool. It’s really exciting to be able to relate to people and be open to people and talk about stuff that you never would have imagined talking about before.”

“We are here to pave the way and make the path easier for people who will be here after us. And I’m just a freshman, my story is not even done yet”

– Gabbz (they/them, Transgender Non-binary)

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