This creative group project aims to bring visibility to the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community at Arizona State University by sharing the personal stories and opinions of people from across ASU’s rainbow spectrum. Created and produced by a gay couple that met in their first year dorm and a passionate ally, Exploring Sparky’s Rainbow is a compilation of photos, videos, and stories from ASU students, faculty, and staff that identify with the LGBTQ+ community. When reflecting on their own journey over the past three years, Exploring Sparky’s Rainbow’s creators recognized ASU can feel large with many pockets of communities, yet through trial and error over the past 4 years they managed to explore their identities and grow as individuals, as a couple, and as an ally. By sharing their story and the stories of others, it is the hope that Exploring Sparky’s Rainbow allows its readers and viewers an insight into what it means to be both a Sun Devil and LGBTQ+, and for those new to or anxious to identify with the LGBTQ+ community, to understand they are not alone in their journey and that it is okay to bleed maroon, gold, and all other colors of the rainbow.

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