“I’ve sat down at the anthem for years”


“In high school during my junior year I sat down for the Pledge of Allegiance and my teacher became very upset by that and long story short the school was very upset with me and I was very upset with them because they wouldn’t let me sit. And we worked out a solution that everyone was okay with but it made me interested in a human rights laws…At first it was specifically for the ‘Under God’ part cause I was pretty staunchly atheist, I am, but at the time I was very fired up about it. So that was the initial reason but as I continued it was also about the liberty and justice for all thing not being accurate, and also I think its weird that school children are forced to pledge their allegiance to their Nation everyday, which sounds like something in North Korea…I had a discussion with a vice principal about the whole thing and I was telling her, like I was crying, and I was like “my aunt’s can’t get married in this country,” because at the time it was 2013. Yeah I definitely don’t feel Represented by the flag. “

“I think it’s really important to remember that LGBT+ rights, the movement, started from Transwomen of color, primarily, and police brutality is central to the experiences of people in this community since the beginning. Which I think a lot of people don’t connect the fact that this community’s movement started because of a riot because of police brutality. So I think the two are intrinsically linked. I remember during Pride this summer there was one pride organization, I think in Philadelphia, that decided to add brown and black stripes to the rainbow flag and people got so upset about that. But I think it’s an important recognition that these are not separate communities, and there is a lot of overlap between them. I think they’re completed connected”

– Anne Mickey, she/her/hers, Queer

2017-2018 Director of Advocacy ASU Rainbow Coalition


Hear Anne’s full story here:

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