“I think coming out here was a chance to just be myself”

Erin Photo

“I originally was not planning on coming to ASU at all. I was set on going somewhere on the east coast. My mom and I did a whole east coast college tour and I thought – I’m not going west of the Mississippi River, it’s not happening. But Barrett ended up offering me a really nice scholarship and it was between here and New York University in New York City originally, but I decided to come out here because here I don’t have any student loans or anything. I’m glad I did it and it’s still far enough away from home.”

“It was definitely a big change. I think one of the big things is I didn’t know anybody coming out here, which is also part of the reason why I picked it because I was thought, it’s a brand new place where I don’t know anybody and I can make it my own. I think coming out here was a chance to just be myself. As cheesy as that sounds, but I mean to get to figure myself out without having to worry about what my parents would say or my friends. That was definitely a benefit.”

-Erin Bottino, She/Her, Lesbian

Instagram @ebot.v1

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