“I came to college with the mentality that I’m going to be 100 percent me no matter what happens, no matter who says anything. That’s exactly what I’ve done.”

“I was raised in Kentucky so I didn't know that there was something other than heterosexual until I moved to Indiana, which is when I was 16. And you know, like kind of dealing with being like I'm not normal, like something's wrong with me being called names and slurs and just different things even... Continue Reading →

“…when my mom was talking to me about the whole story of how they came over here, they just kept saying how much of a difference it made when the health care professionals that took care of them were understanding for their needs.”

“I've always wanted to be a nurse. A big part of it is actually because I used to struggle with my mental health and I still do. Another big part of it is me wanting to be an advocate for patients who were like me in the past. So when I was a kid I... Continue Reading →

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